Glute Stretches

Chapter 8

Glute Stretches: The Anatomy Of The Glute

Before we dive into the glute stretches, you should know that the gluteal muscles are comprised into two different groups – Superficial and deep.

    The Superficial layer consists of:

    • Gluteus Maximus
    • Gluteus Medius
    • Gluteus Minimus
    • Tensor of the Fascia Lata
    Deep layer:

    • Piriformis
    • Obturator Internus
    • Superior and Inferior Gemelli
    • Quadratus Femoris
Glutes | Glute Stretches

Benefits Of Glute Stretches

Maintaining your flexibility/mobility is very important to keep your body mechanics normal.

When muscles get too tight, it can cause other problems that can lead to injuries.

Glute Stretching Exercises

Long Sitting

    Long Sitting 1 | Glute Stretches

    Long Sitting 2

  • Sit with your back straight and cross one leg over the other.
  • Hold your knee with the opposite arm and pull your knee across your chest towards the opposite shoulder until you feel a stretch on the outside leg and/or buttock.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Figure 4 (Sitting)

    Sitting Figure 4-1

    Sitting Figure 4-2 | Glute Stretches

  • Sit on a chair.
  • Place one foot over the opposite knee in a figure 4 position.
  • Push on your knee to open the leg and straighten your back while you move your upper body forward until you feel a comfortable stretch in your buttock.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Supine Figure 4

    Supine Figure 4-1 | Glute Stretches

    Supine Figure 4-2

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, place one foot (affected side) over the opposite knee.
  • Grab behind the leg that is on the ground with your hands and pull it toward you until you feel a gentle stretch.
  • Maintain the position and relax.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.
    • NOTE:

    • Push on your knee to increase the stretch.
    • Hook a towel or rope around your leg if you have trouble reaching the back of your leg.

Supine Glute Stretch

    Supine Glute Stretch 1

    Supine Glute Stretch 2 | Glute Stretches

  • Lie on your back and lift the affected leg to your chest and grab your knee with the opposite hand.
  • Gently pull your leg across your chest to the opposite shoulder while rotating your leg inward until a stretch is felt deep in the buttocks.
  • Maintain the position and relax.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

IT Band Stretch

    IT Band Stretch 1 | Glute Stretches

    IT Band Stretch 2

  • Stand and cross one leg in front of the other.
  • Bend forward as far as possible without bending your knees.
  • Slightly turn your body towards the side of the front leg until you feel a stretch on the exterior side of the back leg.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds and slowly return to the initial position.

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