Tricep Stretches

Chapter 14

Tricep Stretches: The Anatomy Of The Tricep

These Tricep stretches will focus on the muscle group that includes two muscles, the Triceps brachii and Anconeus.

The triceps brachii is the main muscle when it comes to elbow extension. As specified by the name, it has three heads:

  • Long
  • Lateral
  • Medial

Long head
  • Crosses the glenohumeral joint (shoulder)
  • Aids in extension and adduction of arm
  • Least active
Lateral head
  • Strongest of the three
  • Is not recruited until acting upon resistance
Tricep | Tricep Stretches

Medial head
  • Acts with or without the presence of resistance

The anconeus muscle is small and typically unheard of as it usually just blends in with the triceps. It aids in elbow extension, as well as stabilizing the elbow joint.

Benefits Of Tricep Stretches

The benefits of stretching the triceps are to improve/maintain muscle length, improve function and improving/maintaining elbow range of motion.

Tricep Stretching Exercises

Tricep Stretch

    Tricep Stretch v1-1 | Tricep Stretches

    Tricep Stretch v1-2 | Tricep Stretches

  • Stand with your chin tucked in and raise your arm to complete elevation and place your hand behind your head by bending the elbow.
  • Place your other hand on the elbow of the affected arm.
  • Pull towards the unaffected side until a stretch is felt in the triceps.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.
  • Keep your chin tucked in.

Tricep Stretch (v.2)

    Tricep Stretch v2 | Tricep Stretches

  • Stand with the unaffected arm behind your back and each hand grabbing either end of the towel/rope.
  • Pull the towel down with the unaffected arm, until you feel a stretch in the triceps of the other arm.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.
  • Slowly return to the initial position and repeat.

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